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NPTech Tag Mash-Up Saga Continues

Beth Kanter has more on the ongoing NPTech Tag mash-up search, including a nice graphic of work flow. And here's an interesting perspective on the value of search that isn't too relevant. Michael Shrage of MIT argues that when we're doing the kinds of learning and discovery searches for research that we often do, our notion of what's relevant in search results will expand and change as we go through... Read more →

Mojiti--Tool for Annotating Videos

Although I haven't had a chance to play with this yet (add it to my long list of things to do), Mojiti looks like a cool little tool. Basically it gives users the power to annotate video from just about any of the countless video sharing sites on the Web. Probably the best way to understand what it can do is to watch their demo. If it's as easy as... Read more →

Organizational Barriers to Using Web 2.0 Tools

Earlier this week I was reflecting on some of the challenges of technology stewardship in nonprofit and government agencies. I mentioned that I'd done training for a government client that blocked access to sites such as Google Mail and how this obviously impacts staff's ability to use many of the tools I talk about. (Fortunately the IT department had not been told to block access to Wetpaint or some of... Read more →

A Librarian Asks "What's the Big Deal About Blogs?"

Jill Markgraf of Five Weeks to a Social Library mused yesterday about why blogging is such a big deal. After all, libraries have had web sites and e-mail for years. Then she realizes: "Here's a thought came to me. Maybe more than anything else blogs have changed the way we think about communicating with our patrons. When I look back on years of working on library websites, I am flooded... Read more →

Update on NPTech Search Engine

Earlier this week I was trying to wrangle a new nonprofit search engine. Since I did, I've felt vaguely uncomfortable about the whole thing, as I'm a nonprogrammer in a programmer's land. But I've also decided that one of the values of my non-programming background in playing around with new technology tools is that I'm not a techie and if I can do something, then other non-tech types can, too.... Read more →

A Study in Nonprofit Excellence: Donors Choose

Matthew Monberg of Beyond Giving is hosting next week's Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants and asks for posts on nonprofit excellence, due tonight. Serendipitously, this article from Slate on Donors Choose slid into my inbox this morning. The basic premise of Donors Choose is for public school teachers to use the Donors Choose site to post requests for supplies and materials to help their students learn. Individuals can then select a... Read more →

Blogs vs. Listservs: Which is Better for Community Conversation?

I've belonged to the Training and Development (TRDEV) listserv since the mid 1990's when it was owned by David Passmore at Penn State. It's always been a great source of information and (sometimes) amusement for me. You haven't lived until you see the flame wars that ensue over things like "what is training?" and "behaviorism vs. experiential learning." This morning a new thread has been started on blogging vs. listservs... Read more →

Using RSS (Netvibes) and a Wiki (PBWiki) to Support a Job Search

I wanted to share with you a project I've been working on demonstrating how to use RSS and Wikis to support a job search. Whether you're a nonprofit staff person who wants to use these tips for yourself or you're a nonprofit that helps other people in their job search, this could be a good resource for you. I think it could be particularly helpful if you work with clients... Read more →

Training for a New Technology--"The Book"

For those of us who have struggled to introduce staff to new technologies, this hilarious video shows what may have happened in the first training session on using a book. Could be a great video introduction to open up discussion on how when a "technology" is new, it may seem very confusing until we're used to it. Read more →

More on Rollyo and Creating Your Own Search Engine

I'm continuing to play around with Rollyo and I have to say that it's a nifty little "DIY" tool that that could definitely help with this whole knowledge management issue. First, I created another, more general nonprofit search engine that includes these sites: Idealware Social Source Commons Changing the Present Capaciteria TechSoup NTen Consultant Commons I also threw in Technorati and Delicious because there are so many... Read more →