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It's no big secret that scarcity thinking is one of the big problems of companies. They should avoid this kind of people to be safe or provide means of changing from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking.

Most of the poeple I know are afraid of making mistakes, especially those important people in the company. They are afraid that doing so will degrade their performance and will be punished. I also think like that, but I always have this thought about making mistakes in work is the only way to learn. No matter how I try not to, I always end up making one because of ignorance.

Helen, I agree that scarcity thinking is a problem everywhere. It seems that it's so ingrained, though, that it's difficult to start changing the pattern for many people.

Marie--I think you're right that fear of making mistakes grips everyone and that the further up you go, the worse it gets in a lot of cases. I don't think it's possible to keep from making mistakes and I think it's actually bad to try. As you say, we can learn from our mistakes and I know that for myself, I often learn MORE from what I do wrong, than from what I do right. But scarcity thinking makes us afraid to have an environment where we accept mistakes for what they are--learning experiences.

Well put, Michele. I think as you climb the management ladder, the fear is that your mistakes will land in front of a larger audience and that the audience won't accept your humanity. The higher the position in a company or other organization, most often the less willing to take risks the person becomes.

Those who admit that they make mistakes, and encourage others to help them improve (there was an article about Michael Dell doing this during his company-wide review) seem to use their humanity to their advantage. It's those who try to cover up their mistakes that seem to find them dragged into the limelight and dissected for all to see.

Great thought-provoker! Thanks!

One of the great difficulties is that we tend to impose a complete separation between our organizational work and our spiritual selves. Gratitude, compassion, and mindfulness all seem to go out the window the instant we get to work! And so, being centered and connected - necessities for existing with awareness of abundance - are not available to us.

Maybe we all need to start having mandatory meditation sessions at work, or reading the Tao Te Ching over the PA system... Our frantically busy work culture moves us away from our best selves, which pretty much guarantees that we will act from suspicion and scarcity...

Thanks for a great, thought-provoking post!

There is spirit in everything, and if you believe this you will act responsibly.
If you don't think so, then for you there will be spirit in nothing, and you will act irresponsibly.
You cannot possibly keep mental lists of what is full of spirit and what is not. Things are too complicated and mysterious to abide by this type of classification technique. The list would become arbitrary, conflicting.
There is spirit in work and in play.

looking good!

peace, love and abundance.

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