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Michele: When I wrote Indie Professional Development, I had only thought of "live experiences" as the value we bloggers provide that could be monetized. Yesterday it dawned on me that we also provide value in others ways. We are not competing with the vast information resources available for free online. We offer the service of choosing among all that expanse. We deliver focus, structure for others' exploration, useful convergences on a particular path of questioning, etc. The vast terrain is too much for people. They don't know where to begin. They get lost easily. They are not self-structurers and self-directed learners. They are not naturally changing their open questions, and going on explorations into new knowledge domains. When we can share our abilities to "handle the vast terrain", that value can be monetized.

Michele, I'm organising some of the ICT Hub conferences in the UK this year and this post has given me some really good ideas - thanks!

I recently attended a conference that used a conference networking site to connect those attending, tailored specifically to the needs of conference-goers. It was very helpful and prompted a lot of communication that wouldn't have otherwise occurred. Highly recommended.

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