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Really helpful compilation of useful resources.

Fear of "it will be more work" is so pervasive in organizations. I am constantly running into it in my consulting, and spend a lot of time helping people first manage it themselves, then devising ways to help them help their employees manage it.

And being over busy myself, I totally understand it.

Christine, like you, I completely understand people's fear that this will all be more work. At the risk of sounding cliched, though, I think that a lot of PLE tools actually help people work and learn smarter and more effectively. Many people were convinced that email was going to add to our work loads (I knew people who would send an email and then fax or use snail mail, "just in case,"), but eventually we figure out that we can use these things to operate more effectively. Of course the trick is to work WITH people in this process, which as you obviously know is easier said than done.

Have you found any strategies that seem to work in supporting people with this stuff? Any tools that people seem more willing to start with?

Walking them through it.

Earlier today, after talking to an executive director about blogging multiple times and saying it was easy, we just decided to walk through the process. I had her register the domain on a new isp, install wordpress, and pick out a theme in less than 15 minutes. She has been battling with multiple service providers to do a redesign of her website, so her expectations were of months/weeks/days not minutes.

Couple of days ago, I leaned over someone's shoulder and had her set up google reader, load in several blogs, and use google blog search. Only took a few minutes.

I find it takes longer to explain than it takes to do. Of course this assumes I am face to face. I think the screencasts are great online.

I totally agree that all of these tools save time. Like anything else, if you can find the biggest pain point, providing a solution is the easiest route to buy in. Helping to manage email, organization tools, anything to enhance productivity even a small amount seem to be great places to start.

Hi Michele,
Truly amazing article! there can be no other way of learning than sharing.

Cheers to ur article :)

You're right, Christine that it probably takes less time to walk people through and show them how it works as opposed to telling them. I think about how I've written here about Netvibes, but then when Alex Miller did her screencast, people really GOT IT. We need more simple screencasts on how to do things for specific audiences, too, I think. Although that will never replace walking people through it.

And Rohini--thanks for the shout-out. Glad this article was useful!

Great article Michele, really useful!

What an interesting facet to life. It had not occurred to me to think this right through, assuming that my emails, for example spoke of me, as I a. But you know, even though virtually retired now, I am going to have a closer look at my image. Let me see what I can change to project a livlier presentation of myself.
Thanks for stirring up a slightly faded mind.


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