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The 31 Day Comment Challenge: Becoming a Better Blog Citizen

One of the things that I love the most about blogging is comments. Yes, I usually enjoy putting my thoughts out into the ether, but even more than that I want to hear back from people about their thoughts, ideas, etc. Comments are the lifeblood of blogging and for new bloggers, they can be the difference between sticking it out for the long haul and throwing in the towel. One... Read more →

Combating "Birds of a Feather" Syndrome

For the past few days I've been deep into thinking and learning about homophily, our tendency to connect to people who share similar backgrounds, experiences, interests and values. I've been excited to see a conversation beginning to occur both here in comments and at other blogs. It's interesting to see the conversations evolve and new pieces being added to the puzzle. As I continue my reading, discussions and thinking, I've... Read more →

Understanding Homophily on the Web

A few days ago I wrote that I worried the Internet is making me stupid because of a phenomenon called "homophily"--the tendency for we humans to connect to and bond with people who share common backgrounds, interests and values. The rise of the social web gives us even greater opportunities to connect with people we wouldn't encounter in physical life. However the features of social media tend to reinforce homophily... Read more →

Why the Internet is Making Me Stupid

I learned a new word this week--"homophily," which is the tendency for people to associate and bond with others who share their interests, values, culture, demographics, class etc. This is the all-too-familiar online behavior I was remarking on earlier this week in my post on 21st century workplace literacy. There I noted that it seems like edubloggers tend to associate online with other edubloggers, while the workplace learning folks are... Read more →

21st Century Workplace Literacy: What Does that Mean and How Do We Engage More People in the Discussion?

I find that when it comes to learning and instruction, I tend to run in two different circles, as evidenced by the "Learning" tab in my feed reader. Here, I'm following both bloggers from the world of workplace learning (i.e. corporate and organizational trainers and instructional designers) and edubloggers--people who are working in the k-12 and university systems. I do this in part because I tend to be working with... Read more →

A Primer on Pecha Kucha for Learning

Janet Clarey and I are preparing for a session at the Brandon Hall Innovations in Learning conference where we intend to use the pecha kucha presentation style to share several social media tools. This got me to thinking about how pecha kucha is an excellent (and fun) tool for learning, so in this post I'm pulling together a quick little primer on pecha kucha for learning. What is Pecha Kucha?... Read more →

Reflective Practice: Most Significant Change Stories

I'm currently leading a project where we are bringing together four nonprofits and 11 young people who have dropped out of high school and/or who are aging out of foster care. There's a lot of data about the bad outcomes for HS dropouts, but not a lot of political will in some areas to do something about it. Through our project we are working with our student teams to help... Read more →

Happy Reader Appreciation Day!

I started The Bamboo Project in August 2006. It began as a project with another blogger and for a few months it felt like we were the only two people reading it. Since then, slowly but surely, readership has grown and because of it, so have I. Today is Reader Appreciation Day, so I want to let you know the things I love about you: You teach me so much.... Read more →

Social Media 101 for PR Professionals Presentation in Philadelphia

For those of you in the Philadelphia area with an interest in social media and/or public relations, I'll be doing a Social Media 101 presentation next Thursday, April 24 from 6-8:30 p.m. for the Philadelphia Black Public Relations Society . We'll be at: Community College of Philadelphia: Center for Business & Industry Auditorium, C2-28 1751 Callowhill St., Philadelphia, PA 19130 (Entrance on 18th Street) Members--$15, Non-Members--$25, Students--Free--Registration is payable at... Read more →