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I also said, to Britt, that Twitter is one of the largest referrers to my blog and that if Michele doesn't get Twitter it is fine we should be both happy to grab all her blog traffic :). Unfortunate but true that twitter has been a major driver to increasing my blog traffic and for people connecting with me. People are also able to see a different side of your personality compared to reading your blog since I tend to be a bit cheekier and more ranty in twitter.

Twhirl vs Snitter. Twhirl is like the fancy sports car. Really lovely interface. The trouble is I follow a large number of people; and how Twhirl loads up the tweets means I was missing too much of the conversation. Snitter displays each tweet slowly one after another - less fancy but more functional for someone like me.

TweetScan is more about not missing replies. I've a lot of followers -- not all am I following. TweetScan means that I can check easily in GReader for replies and respond back at my convenience. All about engaging in conversations. I also use to track terms for example Edublogs which has grabbed me some really cool links to resources.

Getting twitter is a combination of following the right number of people, having applications that make it easier for you and working how to make the interactions benefit how you want to interact. There are no rules.

Apologies definitely not needed. Over the years, I have been called many things, though I think the worst was when I was introduced as "Watt Brittwood"...

: - )

Sue has great ideas and I have picked up so many ideas both through twitter and her blog
at http://theedublogger.edublogs.org/

I really enjoyed our chat today! Love the work the Bamboo Project turns out!

Finally had time to come back and listen to your podcast -- it's excellent and they've done a great job at explaining the benefits. Definitely having a chuckle about being mentioned in the podcast and it was just pure luck I was still online cause I had planned to go to bed early :). I suggest you do play a bit with both Twhirl and Snitter as there is quite a bit of difference. Snitter displays notifications slowly one at a time whereas Twhirl will just tell you there are new tweets if there are more than 3 and trust me with Twhirl if you are following a large number you don't want to change to display all (computer desktop covered completely not a good look).

They are very correct -- twitter lets you connect with people deeper than you could ever do on a blog and the nature of the relationship changes. You connect with people that you don't necessarily expect to connect with; which sometimes carry across to other media e.g. blog posts, skype and google talk.

The mundaneness and absurd are an important element; consider it a bit like f2f conversations you do the small talk to build relationship which means your more likely to get help :). I frequently have followers comment back to me that they love my crazy little (big) rants although I'm now concerned by what will happen when they wake up from their night sleep to the idea of online mud fighting to solve twitter arguments.

Thanks Britt for your kind words about your interactions with me in twitter and The Edublogger.

Thanks Sue and Britt for your great comments. Sue, I'll definitely check out snitter, too, to see if it suits me better. I'm liking twhirl, but maybe snitter is a better option.

I realize that part of my thing with Twitter is that I feel weird twittering about things like taking my 16-year old for a driving lesson. I keep thinking, "Who cares?" But obviously that's part of the culture so, like I did with blogging, I have to get comfortable with doing that. Thanks for all the great support and advice you two!

To be honest I think if you're not getting a lot of twitters Twhirl will be fine - just gets back to how you like your messages display. I do have mine set to refresh the quickest as well; so constantly updating.

Perhaps the question needs to be asked do you really open up to the absurd on your blog, and show the deeper glimpse on your blog? Take for example Sarah Stewart - she is really good at this here post on the doctors and what she received from the medical companies was hilarious. Sure it probably didn't get any comments; but it does help you connect with her. Perhaps this isn't an aspect you feel comfortable and maybe for twitter you will never get to this point.

Trust me after yesterdays adventure on twitter - mud wrestling as one conversation and questionable behaviour in Second life I had people waking up in other parts of the World laughing plus wondering whether I should be allowed on twitter when they are asleep.

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