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Important to whom? This is why I keep a sticky next to my computer that simply says, "Why?". Interesting you used the question mark photo.

I think it's "what's important to you?" But in a broader sense.

I think that we can get caught up in thinking that small things are "important" when they aren't--we stop asking bigger questions, like "Why do we do this?" or "How could this be different?" or "What assumptions am I working with?" I love that you keep "Why" next to you, Janet, and somehow I'm not surprised. It seems like part of your personality is to always be asking "why?" :-)

Though Friday afternoon fogginess is trying to take over my brain, I wanted to compliment you on an excellent post and great idea :)
I've never thought of it quite like this, but I realize that almost every time I've gotten very frustrated at a job, its because I've lost any sense of how my actions are important or have any impact at all. At the risk of sounding trite, I started working in nonprofits to help people and make a difference and when you lose that, you've got to wonder: why do I bother?
Somehow, you always manage to distill these complicated issues into a concise blog post-thanks!

I love this idea. I am a fan of Personal Research Agenda (blogged about it a while ago). Here are a few of mine.

1. How can we make learning fun and engaging?
2. How can we improve improvement(one of those Doug Engelbart's questions I am fascinated about)
3. How can we take what we love and enjoy and make it part of our both work/personal life?


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