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I think what all of this is really saying is that we need to be purposeful in our use of technology.

I use the tags in delicious as a way to identify resources that I need in my research and classes. When I am looking for a resource, for example, that will support my teaching a speech concept, I click on the tag which id's the course number (I identify class resources through course id tag). I use delicious for those purposes only because it allows me to organize those resources.

I use the ning for my class to create class community, and a public record outside of class for questions and class policies.

I do not use twitter because I don't see (at this point) how it will add to the things that I do. However, I would like for my children's school to use twitter so I could have an update of what is going on in school. I have just heard how some law enforcement agencies have decided to use twitter for things such as traffic control and amber alerts. I don't have these needs in my teaching at this point so I have not invested the time to learn twitter.

I think the lesson to be learned is to analyze what you want to do, find the tool(s) that will help you acheive it, then set the tools up for your own use (not necessarily the way others use it). We need to be more purposeful in the choice, set up, and use of the tools we have available. At the same time, it is important that we are aware of new tools and how they might help us

Interesting concept! Over the past couple of years since I was introduced to social media and bookmarking in particular, I too have gone in search of somehow streamlining my participation online.

I tend to disagree with the tags taking away from the article as tags organize my research. Like Virginia said, she uses tags for her teaching and has tag ID's for her course numbers. My tags help me go back to an article/video/document I have found important for my work.

Diigo works well for highlighting text and leaving notes on web pages. I hadn't heard of spartag.us before however, it looks similar to Diigo.

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