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Michele, I have found that I would never get to be 'creative' (which, for me, has a heavy blogging component) if I didn't make sure that I preserved some time to do so NO MATTER WHAT. My day-to-day duties could easily completely consume me...

There's a price to this. I know that many of my faculty peers wonder why I have time to blog, for example, when I'm behind in other areas. But I know that I must preserve this time for myself if I don't want to lose my sanity...

Best of luck with finding your own balance.

Michele, once again you said something that really resonated with me. I find that when I am feeling that "been there, done that" feeling I have to interrupt my day with something that restores me: a site visit to a nonprofit we support; a walk, a meeting with a creative peer for brainstorming. It's critical to the work we do to stay creative, but when you feel in a rut it's easy to have that sapped away. I find disrupting that cycle restores me.

Kia ora Michele

Commodify creativity? Hmmm.

I'm not so sure.

Creativity has to be learnt and/or developed the same as any other skill. Some people love to be creative . . .

I have an analogy. Fishing.

Some people love to fish. It gives them the sense of being at one with the world. My grandfather used to rave about it, even on the days he never caught as much as a tiddler.

But you can't just import this into the office, or corporate workplace and say, "I'd like to do a bit of fishing over my desk today - I'm in the mood for it."

Creativity is like fishing. You HAVE to have both the time AND space for it. Else you are like the frustrated golfer who keeps a putter, golf ball and raised hole in the cupboard at work.

Come to that, golfing is much like fishing.

Catchya later
from Middle-earth

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