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Hi Michele,
Well, your "baby" may not be gone for good when she goes to college, and she will still need you. I'm still learning from my mother, but also from my daughter -- who just moved into an apartment in my house...at age 33.


Thanks for this. Plant seedlings in your dirt.

Hey dirt girl. I've got a big virtual dirt moving digger machine over here....when are you going to come play?

Looking out of my office window today I can see blue sky and trees budding, and it feels refreshing!

I think the long winter has taken its toll on all of us, I haven't blogged in recent weeks either, I felt like I had nothing to say. I had to fly home to England unexpectedly last week, after my Grandmother passed (she was 93, god bless her), and with all the preparations for her funeral I literally did NO work for an entire week... and despite the circumstances, it felt GOOD, even as the mud started to slide.

Giving ourselves permission to sit in our crap and process it, is half the battle.

Great Post, As always Michele

Thanks for your comments, everyone!

Betsy--agreed that they always need you. The question is do they WANT you around? :-)

Janet--Just looking for those seedlings now. . .

Christine--We definitely need to plan our trip. We just need to look at some dates.

Emma--I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother--so hard!--but I understand your point about enforced time away. Too bad we aren't better at just scheduling it.

Maybe its just the time of year, but this post really hit home with me (my son just came home from college for the summer, work & school projects blah blah blah).

Someone reminded me when my son (also my baby) was leaving for college that he had to push me away, because if he didn't I would never be ready to let him go. If you are getting to that place, you are doing it right! :)

Hi Michelle,

I'm not inside a cave as you are. but I can understand how you are feeling.

I felt like I was becoming a Luddite and losing a lot of interest in technology after being surrounded by fellow plane passengers who could not stop texting/twittering while the pilot was waiting for the mobile phones to be turned off before we took off.

I don't know why that left me feeling so depressed. But I think that we become too obsessed with technology sometimes to notice all the good things happening around us - like the lorikeets tapping against the glass door on the back verandah as they wait for their morning feed of sunflower seeds.

Cheers, Bill Oldham

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