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Kia ora e Michele!

"we need to think carefully about how our tools may be outstripping our ability to use them"

Amen to that!

But, hey, go easy on the teachers and what's been taught in school or fostered in the workplace. I think it goes further than the precincts of either.

But here's where the problem gets even bigger. Our societies have to change to accommodate the tools. I'm optimistic, but tend to think practically. Unfortunately this practice often gets labelled as pessimistic or negative. I don't think it's either of these. My candit thoughts on this are that society is approaching its own limit to be able to cope effectively with any more advancement - of any sort.

There are a number of safety valves and alarm signals that are going off. I coined the term technowhelm last year to explain one set of them. This year I've been cringing at the polemics who want to get rid of the book/textbook. My hunch on this one is that even some of our educated in society are subliminally bringing down the shutters on information. They are reacting to infowhelm. I sympathise with them, only I don't agree with their narrow way of fixing it, for it's like a dog in a manger.

Also, asking the right question the right way is nothing new. It is clear that this presented an impediment to learning and communication over a hundred years ago.

Catchya later
from Middle-earth

Let's focus on job interviewing for a moment. Many candidates fail an interview because they didn't come prepared to the interview with questions and did not listen carefully for info/cues during the interview to pose questions.

Many hiring manages gauge insight, introspection, proactivity, intelligence, and problem solving to name a few traits by the quality of questions a candidate asks?

What's your "questioning IQ?"

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