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Attracting Older Workers to the Nonprofit Sector

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is reporting today that nonprofit agencies lag behind business and government agencies in attracting older workers: Nonprofit groups lag significantly behind government agencies and businesses in their efforts to keep and recruit older workers, a new report concludes. "Many nonprofit leaders, boards, and funders show little interest in developing programs to attract and retain older adults as experienced executives, staff personnel, or volunteers in new, more... Read more →

Wikis in Plain English from Common Craft

Lee Lefever and Common Craft, creators of the great video RSS in Plain English are at it again. This time they've put together Wikis in Plain English, a 3.5 minute basic explanation of wikis that 1) shows the key features of a wiki and 2) makes it clear why wikis are preferable to email when it comes to working on collaborative projects. Check it out, especially if you're trying to... Read more →

From Managing Transactions to Facilitating Transformations

Today I was in a strategic planning meeting with a number of business people. At one point, we were discussing the changing nature of providing healthcare services to aging baby boomers. The VP of HR for one of the local healthcare organizations was explaining to us that they are moving to more of a concierge approach to meeting healthcare needs, with a focus on relationships and amenities, similar to what... Read more →

A Results Oriented Work Environment is NOT the Same as Flexible Scheduling

Last week I asked if your nonprofit was ready to stop watching the clock in a post discussing Best Buy's Results-Oriented Work Environment (ROWE). As a quick recap, Best Buy is now allowing a significant portion of its employees to work from home or other locations and to work whatever hours they need in order to achieve clearly-defined work objectives. Face time is no longer considered a requirement of most... Read more →

I Wish I'd Seen This Site the Other Day

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons. Remember the other day when I was bemoaning my lack of blog ideas? This cartoon would have been perfect. Via Aisling (whose art I greatly admire) comes this link to Dave Walker's blog cartoons. He provides the code for each so you can simply copy and paste into a blog entry. And... Read more →

More On Facebook

A few Facebook updates: Inspired by a post I did a few weeks ago on Using Facebook in Your Nonprofit, Soha El-Borno of Wild Apricot has written a Beginner's Guide to Facebook, complete with graphics. If you're thinking about getting started with Facebook, this may be the kickstart you need. The big Facebook story this week is their decision to allow outside developers to write programs on top of the... Read more →

Getting Back Your Blogging Mojo

A few days ago, I was crying into my beer over a recent blogging dry spell. As always, both my feedreader and blogger comments have come to the rescue. First, from fellow bloggers Tom Haskins and Bronwyn Mauldin. Tom suggests finding inspiration from other bloggers and clients, through books and other reading, and from re-reading your own blog archive. As I'm apparently very good at starting a series of blog... Read more →

Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Stop Watching the Clock?

My husband, like many Americans, is unhappy with his job. It is a job that combines impossibly high expectations with little personal control. There is a strong emphasis on "face-time" and productivity is measured by your slavish adherence to poorly thought-out metrics that emphasize process over outcomes. So it was interesting to find, as often happens to me when a problem is on my mind, this post from Ryan Healey... Read more →

On Blogging Consistently

When I first started blogging, I was so full of ideas and things I wanted to say that my biggest problem was shutting myself up. Now as my blog approaches it's first birthday, I'm finding that I'm struggling with maintaining a consistent blogging schedule. Work intervenes, yes, but there are other issues at work as well, as Nate Whitehill points out in this post on blogging consistently. According to Nick,... Read more →