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Robin Good on Educating the "Net Generation"

Robin Good has another great article today on Educating the Net Generation. Ironic, given my previous post on the digital divide. I completely agree that many in this new generation of kids are a different breed, with different approaches to learning and that schools need to learn to adapt their teaching protocols accordingly. But I also think that characterizing all learners as being this net savvy obscures the very real... Read more →

The Digital Divide Comes Home

NOTE--I've had this post in draft form for several days, debating about whether or not to post it publicly. I've typically used my blog to share information I find or ideas I have. Only a few times has it veered into more personal realms. But lately I've also been using my blog to document my learning, to delve more deeply into my own thoughts, and to gain greater clarity about... Read more →

A Four Hour Work Week? I'm There

Most of the people I know seem to be in a competition for who works the longest hours. Apparently the more time you spend on the job, the better you are. It reminds me of my junior year in college when a campus-wide salmonella outbreak sent hundreds to the infirmary a month before finals. For the next four weeks I had to listen to people competing over who had been... Read more →

Robin Good's Ten Ways You Can Use YouTube to Promote Your Online Content

Robin Good has a nice guide to using YouTube to promote your organization. His suggestions: Create and customize your own channel. Choose your niche. Create short form viral content. Tag and categorize. Create niche-targeted playlists Promote your video with YouTube email and bulletins. Leave video responses. Join or create YouTube groups. Chat in the streams Use active sharing. As always, he has good examples, clear instructions and additional resources. Even... Read more →

Please Don't Tell Me That You Haven't Been Taught to Manage

A common complaint I hear from supervisors is that they haven't been "taught" to manage. The assumption, here, is that if the organization hasn't sent you to a training, how could you possibly be expected to know how to be a good manager? My personal feeling? That's a cop-out, especially in the age of so many free online tools and resources. So here are a few you can use to... Read more →