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Wikis as Personal Space

5 Uses for a Wiki at Work

If last week's Wikis in Plain English video got you excited about using wikis in your organization, this lifehack article may give you 5 more ideas.

  • As an Operations Guide or Policy and Procedure manual that can be easily and quickly updated with updated versions available to all staff. No more outdated binders on your desk. And with tagging, they are more easily searched. (Check out this article on wiki tagging to get an idea of how this can help)
  • As a Project Dashboard that puts everything you need to manage a project in one place, including deadline dates, documents, to-do lists, etc. I've been using wikis this way for several months and they've really been helping me keep various projects and teams humming along.
  • As a virtual water cooler or bulletin board to keep your team connected to each other, especially if you have a more distributed work team or a particularly large organization.
  • As Fact Sheets or FAQs--useful for both staff and customers.
  • As a tool for brainstorming and getting a bunch of ideas together to start planning. I find that when people write things down, you're more likely to get responses from people who might not pipe up in a meeting. This is great for the introverts on your team. Again, I've been using wikis this way for a few of my current projects and it's been a good strategy for doing asynchronous collection of ideas when I'm working with teams of teachers who have a hard time getting together at the same time.

Related to this, I've started my own wiki just for personal project brainstorming and collecting links, videos, etc. related to ideas I want to explore, etc. It's become a key part of my personal learning environment, separate from my blog because I can be a little more disorganized and free-form with that tool.

So a few ideas to get you going this morning. . .


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