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31 Days to a Better Blog--Day 1: Email a New Reader

Today's assignment in Darren Rowse's 31 Days to a Better Blog series is to Email a New Reader. Writes Darren, who has built up several blogs with thousands of readers: What I found is that when you do it (email a new reader) the chances of the readers that you email coming back to your blog again increases significantly. Get them to come back to your blog once and you... Read more →

31 Days to a Better Blog--A Personal Learning Experiment and a Blogger Challenge

Problogger Darren Rowse is one of my favorites when it comes to tips for maintaining a blog. Unfortunately, I often click through from my feed reader to his site to bookmark a post and then fail to actually incorporate his suggestions into my own blog. That's about to change. For the next 31 days, Darren is doing a series of posts--31 Days to Building a Better Blog. He did a... Read more →

Make Your Organization Web 2.0 Too

As soon as I finished posting about moving your organization's website from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, I see in my feed reader (via The Agitator) that Todd Cohen at Philanthropy Journal has published a report on how nonprofits are using new media to engage constituents. Todd makes an excellent point about needing to change your operational paradigms, not just the look, feel and functionality of your web presence: "Nonprofits... Read more →

Is Your Website 1.0 or 2.0?

Last week I posted on RSS-enabling your website so that visitors can subscribe to your regularly updated content. As I mentioned in that post, and as Laura Whitehead brought up in comments, RSS only makes sense, though, when your website actually provides timely news and information. If your site is simply an online brochure, then RSS isn't going to do much for you. This got me to thinking about the... Read more →

29 Essential Tools and Resources for Developing a Facebook App

Great resource in my email this morning from Rich McIver of {softwaredeveloper}.com on How to Develop a Hit Facebook Application. From the basics of Facebook's applications environment through coding and marketing the application, this article pulls together just about everything you'd need to create your own killer app and take it viral. Check it out if you or your organization are contemplating another way to leverage Facebook's social networking capabilities. Read more →

My Top 10 Tools

Jane Hart who, among other things, runs Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day, asked me to share my Top 10 List of Learning Tools. This will be a bit of a re-hash of my Personal Learning Environment post from a few months ago, but will be a good update, as I've added and lost various tools in my arsenal since then. Note that these are the top 10--the ones I... Read more →

Architectures of Control: How Design Influences the Ways We Use and Do Things

Just stumbled across a REALLY interesting blog called The Architectures of Control. It's maintained by Dan Lockton who says: Increasingly, many products are being designed with features that intentionally restrict the way the user can behave, or enforce certain modes of behaviour. The same intentions are also evident in the design of many systems and environments. Dan goes on to define architectures of control this way: Architectures of control are... Read more →

Have You RSS-Enabled Your Site? And If You Have, Can Readers Find Your Feeds?

While I think that many people are starting to get the idea of subscribing to RSS feeds to update themselves on the latest news and information in their field, I realized the other day that a lot of nonprofits haven't mastered the other side of the RSS equation--enabling RSS in their own sites so that others can sign up for automatic updates. A few recent examples from my own work:... Read more →

Slideshare Adds Audio+ PowerPoint Karaoke

For those of us in love with Slideshare, via Techcrunch I see that there's a new feature--audio synchronization. This will be great for making your presentations "full service" for embedding into wikis, blogs, emails, etc. Here's a demo. Also--while on the Slideshare site I noticed that PowerPoint Karaoke is getting hot. Apparently in this version, you present to someone else's slides as they are shown--randomly. Slideshare has helped things along... Read more →

Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants

This week's Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants is now up at Aspiration Tech. Be sure to stop by and take a look at this week's great posts and to wish Heather Carpenter good luck as she heads off to pursue her Ph.D. in Nonprofit Leadership at the University of San Diego. Although this is Heather's last post at Aspiration Tech, you'll still be able to catch her at Nonprofit Leadership 601... Read more →