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Facebook_logo_2 Looks like interest in Facebook is continuing:

It's Facebook Week!
Over at Read/WriteWeb, it's Day One of Facebook Week. You can join the Facebook group for Read/WriteWeb readers and learn a little about the platform. During the rest of the week the plan is to look more closely at some specific applications--like in this post Top Ten Facebook Apps for Work.

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Facebook Apps as Portals,  PLEs and Conferencing Supports
The University of Wales/Newport has taken advantage of Facebook's open API to create MyNewport: My Learning Essentials for Facebook, an application that students, staff, etc. can integrate into their Facebook profiles. According to the developers, it took about a day and a half to get from conception to a completed application. You can see the application and learn more here.

This may be the future of portals and/or a step forward in the PLE discussion (although I'll say that I'm inclined to see this as more of a learning management system than a real personal learning environment.) And if it's truly this simple to create Facebook applications, might this not be an addition to the better conferencing thread as well?

Facebook Etiquette
Pamela Smart of Escape from Cubicle Nation wonders about the etiquette of social networking and when it's appropriate to accept friend requests. She also has a Wall Street Journal video on the delicate issue  of accepting your boss's friend request. Does putting your boss on limited profile signal that you have something to hide?

Facebook as a Tool for Engagement and Re-Invention
David Wilcox of Designing for Civil Society has some good information on how Facebook is helping a nonprofit he works with to re-invent itself. As David points out, creating Facebook groups should probably become a regular part of the engagement process.

Other Facebook Resources


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you may be interested to follow some of the growth trends we're tracking on the new facebook apps... (e.g. post:

Since we don't publish all results, let me know if you want stats on specific apps in your field of interest... I'd be happy to provide you with some data to post...

I wondered if there is a way to set up a non-profit profile on facebook without using my own name to register?

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