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Nonprofit Blogging Seminar and Some Good Resources

A few things coming through my feedreader this morning to share on nonprofit blogging: Idealware Online Seminar on Choosing Blogging Software--July 24, 2007 First and most importantly, Idealware is sponsoring an online seminar entitled Choosing Blogging Software. It's tomorrow, July 24 from 1-2:30 p.m. EST. and is being facilitated by nptech guru, Beth Kanter who will talk you through the features, benefits, pros and cons of the 7 most popular... Read more →

Teaching Web 2.0 With Facebook--A Quick Story

The other day I referenced an article on teaching the basics of Web 2.0 by using Facebook as the example. Last night my 15-year old was asking me about my Netvibes account and I was explaining that it was a way for me to be automatically updated when new information was added to my favorite blogs and news sources. "Oh--like the News Feed in Facebook," she said. Exactly. What also... Read more →

How Do You Measure the Success of a Blog Post?

I started thinking last night: "How do I define a successful blog post?" Blogging is meant to be a social medium, so one way to define success would certainly be the extent to which people engage in online conversation about a particular post. By that measure, the posts that generate a lot of comments (like the one I did the other day on face-to-face vs. online meetings) would be "successful."... Read more →

Want to Teach People About Web 2.0? Do It Through Facebook

I've talked here many times about the difficulties in teaching people about the concepts and tools of Web 2.0. I've lamented how difficult it can be to help people understand RSS or wikis. The Common Craft videos have begun to fill that gap, certainly, but as Facebook becomes more and more mainstream, Aidan Henry points out that Facebook is Bringing Web 2.0 to Mainstream: Those who live in this (Web... Read more →

Why Face-to-Face Still Rules

Yesterday's plea for rethinking face-to-face meetings apparently struck a nerve, as a lively discussion broke out in comments and Jane of Wandering Eyre weighed in on her blog. As you'll recall, I was complaining that a group I'm working with wouldn't use online tools to gather information, preferring to meet face-to-face and I suggested a few reasons why I thought that might be true. I was initially going to keep... Read more →

Web Literacy: How Good Are You at Recognizing Fake Web Sites and Email Scams?

In a public service to Bamboo Project readers, via Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration, comes this 10-question McAfee quiz. Can you tell the fake websites from the real ones? What about the scams? Like Amit, I was a Tightrope Walker, scoring 7 out of 10, which according to McAfee suggests that I should be a little more careful in my web habits. This also means that I'm planning to download... Read more →

A Plea to Re-Think The Desire to Meet

Question for the Day: Why does the face-to-face model of sharing information persist? Currently I'm working with a state-wide group of youth providers working on a specific grant. One member recently circulated an email asking if people were interested in meeting for a few days and if they were, what did they want to accomplish? Within minutes, several emails came back indicating that 1) getting away to a meeting would... Read more →

More On Facebook

Looks like interest in Facebook is continuing: It's Facebook Week! Over at Read/WriteWeb, it's Day One of Facebook Week. You can join the Facebook group for Read/WriteWeb readers and learn a little about the platform. During the rest of the week the plan is to look more closely at some specific applications--like in this post Top Ten Facebook Apps for Work. If you're interested in following the posts, you may... Read more →

Three Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd

Cutting through attention clutter can be challenging. Three ideas from my feedreader for getting noticed: Re-design your business cards--This Flickr photoset has some REALLY cool ideas for business cards. Some may not be completely practical, but they can still spark some great ideas. And while we're on the subject of using design to stand out, I highly recommend DIY: Design It Yourself. Not only will you get interesting design ideas... Read more →