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31 Days to a Better Blog--Days 22 & 23: Dead Links and SEO

Buildingabetterblog2I'm in the homestretch of the 31 Day Challenge and I think that I can now officially say that blogging has taken over about 40% of my conscious brain capacity. I now eat, sleep and breathe blogging. . . But on through the next tasks.

Day 22: Go on a Dead Link Hunt
If you've been blogging for awhile, it's safe to say that you're going to have some dead links hanging around in your posts. It's been about a year for me, plus I tend to post a lot, so it's probably good that  today's task is to rid myself of the dead links clogging up my blogging mojo. According to Darren, this will ensure that my readers don't encounter the dreaded "404: Page Not Found" and it will improve my rankings in search engines.

So off I go with to spider through my site and find the links that need to be fixed. Fortunately I'd already seen Paul Webster's post on his experience with dead link hunting, so I didn't freak out when 30 minutes later I was presented with an EXTENSIVE list of "problem links."  Fortunately, like Paul, I found that most of my dead links weren't actually dead. The ones that were came from commenter sites and those weren't going to have a huge impact on people, so I decided to not worry about fixing them. A couple of others were broken for content, so I fixed those, but fortunately there weren't many. So as Eklavya would say "Task completed :)"

Day 23: Do a Search Engine Optimization Audit on Your Blog
If you're trying to build traffic to your blog, having a high rank in Google and other search engines is a good place to start. Just about everyone does a Google search when they're looking for online information, so if you want your site to appear on the first page or two, it's a good idea use some tricks to help your blog along, according to today's assignment in which I'm to conduct a search engine optimization (SEO) audit on my blog.

The best advice came from Darren's post on everything he knows about SEO:

My main advice to people wanting to optimize their blogs for Search Engines is to keep it simple. Start with quality content on a specific topic and then tweak it using the best current advice going around.

He then goes on to describe off-site and on-site techniques for improving your rankings. (Off-site techniques are things that are done through other sites, while on-site refers to what you can do on your own blog.)

Darren's guide to SEO is amazingly rich and honestly and I'd love to dig into it more deeply. But this is one that will have to wait a few weeks as I just don't find my brain operating in this mode right now. I start thinking about "keywords" and "title tags" and I can feel my eyes rolling back into my head. So as I seem to be saying more often than not lately,  "Task put on hold.:)" At least for now.


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My eyes started rolling a few days ago ;). I am so far behind on the 31 day challenge...however, I have each and every suggestion and the thirty or forty extensions off of those filed away for when I have some down time. I just now got the hang of Google Analytics...that was enough brain stimulation for this week ;)

Actually got a bit emotional here. Wrote a really good comment yesterday. Clicked on post. Jumped over to another web site on a different tab. Realised later that I had left your site open in the tab. Click on the top and pressed closed just as I realised that I had forgotten to enter the anti-spam words and my comment was deleted.

So this is my attempt No.2 today. What I noted, and asked you to forgive was the fact that Dead Egg hunt was Day 23 and you had missed Day 22 (am now hiding under desk). But the good news is there is no Day 27 for us because it is find a sponsor - unless you want to?

Am happy to say, after fighting with Technorati last week that I feel more confident that I have optimised visibility in search engines to the best of my ability.



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