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Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants

Npcarnival My turn to host the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants. I had planned for this weeks' edition to focus on favorite learning resources, tools, articles, books, etc., but since it looks like a lot of people are on vacation this week, I went looking for a few extras to fill in the blanks. Check out these posts:

  • Soha El-Borno of Wild Apricot interviews Carie Lewis, Internet Marketing Manager for the Humane Society of the US, on how they used Facebook to spread their message (one good nugget--the Humane Society found that Facebook was better for fundraising and MySpace was better for advocacy).

Finally, as host, I'm allowed to plug in a bonus post of my own. This time, though, I'm going to give that honor to next week's host, Harold Jarche who follows up his post on freeing your social bookmarks with another great one on how to aggregate this collective knowledge.

That's this week's Carnival. Remember that you can keep track of the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, no matter which blog is hosting, by subscribing to the Carnival feed.  .


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Hi Michelle,

Great post. I'm so sorry that I missed the deadline for submission -- just dealing with too many of my own deadlines pre-vacation.

Anyway, wanted to add my vote for great professional development resource(s):
1) Fellow bloggers or other peers who become a virtual community of friends doubling as experts -- Whether you're a blogger or not, online "peers" are a great resource.

2) Asking questions via LinkedIn (you need to be a member first) is another great way to get great specific advice. You can select from your own connections to query, or put the question out there to the entire LinkedIn community.

Keep up the great work.


Hi Nancy--great point on LinkedIn. I'm a member, but haven't used them for that purpose, although I know a lot of other people have. Facebook is another venue, especially if you belong to related groups. And of course, the edubloggers are all about Twitter right now, so that's another option for those quick questions and thoughts.

Thanks for the great ideas!

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