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Results of My First 31 Days to a Better Blog Experiment

Yesterday's assignment for my 31 Days to a Better Blog experiment was to email a new reader. Kate Foy kindly obliged my plea for someone to come out of lurk mode and now we're emailing.

One of the great things about Kate contacting me was that I was pointed to her blog, where I discovered that she's working on a digital portfolio project similar to something I'm doing. This is the beauty of blogging--we find people with whom we can connect, both personally and professionally. I love that.

Something else--Reader Nancy Riffer emailed me to say that by issuing yesterday's blogging challenge, I encouraged her to finally start her own blog to join in the challenge. Another powerful impact.

If 31 Days to a Better Blog is meant to help me build community, I'd say we're off to a good start.

NOTE--If you want to join Nancy and I in going through 31 days of exercises to improve your blog, read this post and then email me or leave a note in comments.

UPDATE--Cammy Bean and Laura Whitehead have joined in on the challenge--be sure to read Laura's first post on how as a nonprofit website designer she sees these exercises as being really valuable. Also, I've started a list of bloggers participating at the top of my right sidebar. I'll add Nancy's name as soon as I get her blog URL. Let me know if you're ready for me to add your name to the list!


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