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Why Frances McLean Rocks and How You Can Score Some Chocolate!

If you've been playing along so far, you know about our 31 Days to Building a Better Blog Challenge. You should also know that the challenge got sweeter when Frances McLean and Sue Waters threw a kilo of chocolate into the mix.

Ever industrious Frances now reports that she's managed to snag us a couple of chocolate sponsors, one of whom will be awarding a prize to the best COMMENTER! So this is a way for you to score some sweetness without actually having to do the hard work of the 31 Days! (Believe me, we're jealous).

ChocboxvoucherFor the Reader with the Best Comments
From the generous Marion Adler Bishop of The Chocolate Box comes a $25 gift certificate that will be awarded to the reader who provides the best comment on a 31-day post. Each blogger will select her/his favorite comment and then we'll vote on the winner. So here's your chance to come out of lurkdom. Blow us away with a great comment and chocolate can be winging its way to you!

For the Blog that Has Gained the Most from the Challenge
James Farmer of Edublogs is also helping us out with a $25 Chocolate Box gift certificate to the blogger whose blog gained the most from the challenge. At the end of the challenge, we'll run a poll and it will be up to the YOU to decide who gets the sweetness.

Thank Yous
A warm thank you to Marion, The Chocolate Box, and James for their generosity and support. And a special thanks to Frances and Sue for bringing chocolate into the mix. I'm still wishing I'd thought of that.

And while I'm acknowledging people, I also wanted to thank Beth Kanter for her incredibly supportive and positive BlogHer post on the challenge. Beth is one of my favorite nonprofit tech bloggers, so compliments from her always mean a lot.

If you want to join us, you still can. Or if you prefer the reader comment route to chocolate, I suggest a visit to one or more of our Challenge participant blogs, which you can find in the right sidebar here.


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Hi Michele
Oh you make me blush lol

Hey--what can I say. You've taken it to the next level!

I would like to know whether it is dark chocolate or light. It's important you know!

Frances tells me that it's winner's choice, which means I'm going for the dark stuff, John. I definitely work harder for dark chocolate!

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