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Helping Media Snackers: I've Been Tagged

Ahh, it's meme time again. This is good, as I needed something to write about today. Beth Kanter has tagged me this time, asking about how I do and don't respect the time of "media snackers," folks who like their news and information in snack-sized portions, rather than getting them in a full meal. It's a meme started by Jeremiah Owyang, who points out that busy business people like to... Read more →

Webinar Round-Up: Results of Survey and Resources for Successful Webinars

A client of mine is wondering about people's experiences with webinars and how well they work as training tools, so last week I ran a reader survey to get your feedback. Webinar Survey Results Twelve people completed the full survey. Unfortunately another 27 started, but abandoned it, so my survey sample is pretty small. Nonetheless, I still wanted to share what they reported. Participant Background Participants were mostly split between... Read more →

Want to Go Viral with Your Videos? Check Out this Report

Via Mashable, comes this report from Tube Mogul, Web Video Marketing--Best Practices. Some key take-aways: The "Secret Formula" They've devised a "secret formula" for developing an online video: "Secret Formula" - .5C + 15.M + .20T + .15P = Success 50% C = Content and Production - this is storyline, style lightning, production, etc. 15% M = Metadata - the text title, keywords, descriptions, and categories that help people find... Read more →

The Rise of the Wired Fundraiser

Got an email yesterday from blogger/marketer Katya Andresen on a new report from Network for Good--The Wired Fundraiser: How Technology is Making Fundraising Good to Go (PDF). In case you're wondering, a "wired fundraiser" is someone like our good friend, Beth Kanter, who has "both a cause and a keyboard" and isn't afraid to use them to run personal fundraisers on their own, like this one to send two Cambodian... Read more →

Google Is Watching You--Way More than You Knew

When I was in college, I read Badenheim 1939 by Aharon Appelfeld. It's the story of a fictional Jewish resort in Austria. During the summer of 1939, the "Department of Sanitation" begins to visit every single home, asking oddly detailed questions that people quickly answer, seeing nothing amiss. The book ends with the town being carted off to a concentration camp, having made the job of the Department of Sanitation... Read more →

LiveBlogging a Webinar: Lessons Learned on Facilitating an Online Training Session From the Learner Perspective

This is me, liveblogging a webinar. I'm not going to name names--just wanted to share the experience as it happens. More of a meta-analysis of the webinar experience with some commentary on content thrown in. I'm doing this to identify tips for when I'm presenting my first webinar in January. My lessons learned are at the bottom. Consider this another in a long line of process posts. Before the Webinar... Read more →

Tell Me How You Feel About Webinars: Take My Webinar Survey

I'm in the process of doing some research for a client on webinars. One of the things she wanted to know was how people feel about them-- Do they like webinars? Do they think they work as a learning tool? I have my own feelings about the subject, but I thought that I might be able to kill two birds with one stone if I put together a little reader... Read more →

The Social Media Resume: Is this the Future of Hiring?

In a comment on my online identity post from the other day, Christy Tucker gave me a link to a post by Bryan Person on the social media resume. This is a one-page online version of your resume with links to both your online content, as well as documents, etc. that you might want to share with potential employers or clients. Podcaster Christopher Penn created the one above, inspiring Bryan... Read more →

Your $10 Can Send Champhearom to College & A Big Thank You to the Other Contributors

Last year Beth Kanter took three weeks to fulfill her goal of raising $1,000 to send Leng Sopharath, an orphan from Cambodia, to college. This year it took her 24 hours and 53 people each donating small amounts. You can read more about the full campaign at Beth's place. The campaign was successful so quickly that Beth is keeping it open so that we can try to send a young... Read more →