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A Vision of Students Today and Information R/evolution

A couple of interesting videos from Michael Wesch, the creator of The Machine is Us/ing Us who's leading a Digital Ethnography workgroup/project that's bringing together students and professors of Anthropology at Kansas State University to look at the impact of technology on human interactions.

The video above is "A Vision of Students" today. It was created by the 200 students in Wesch's Intro to Cultural Anthropology class.  Here's how they arrived at the numbers and put together the video which they created by working together to edit a Google document and then videotaped in one 75-minute class period.

The one below is the Information R/evolution and it takes a look at how digital information is qualitatively different from information on paper and how this changes the ways we think about how to store, use, access it. Some of the ideas come from The Machine is Us/ing Us, but still worth looking at.


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Michele, this is an interesting find - and I think I just hit a wonderful problem w.r.t. our discussion on facilitating conversations. Right now, of the 33 comments to the post, 32 are trackbacks! The only 'comment' is also a trackback-kind!

need to pull down my post and rethink!!! :)

Don't pull it--just add to it! I think it's good to see the process of your thinking as you progress. I want to know where you're going with this. . . :-)

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