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Is An Online Identity Necessary and What Should You Do to Maintain It?

In the past few weeks I've been thinking/writing about online identity. A few days ago, I posted on transparency and an excellent article in WIRED magazine on The See-Through CEO. In comments on that post, Christy Tucker shared an experience she had in a networking forum recently that I think deserves further discussion. She said: I quoted both you and the Wired article in a discussion in an online networking... Read more →

Let's Get Naked

Like Christine Martell I've clearly let my magazine reading fall by the wayside more than I realized, because the article I'm about to reference was published in April 2007, which in Internet time might as well be April 1997. At any rate. . . Last week I finally got to read Wired Magazine's The See Through CEO, which is a must-read for everyone. Some choice quotes: Google is not a... Read more →

Google Calendar + Remember the Milk= I Should Be Getting More Organized

For someone who is always extolling the virtues of Web 2.0 technologies, I can be surprisingly low-tech. I've made half-hearted attempts to get better at using Google calendar, but honestly, I've had a hard time weaning myself from my paper calendar and to-do lists. My work schedule is getting impossible though, as I attempt to juggle way too many disparate projects, so yesterday I decided I needed to get a... Read more →

Going Pink for October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so I'm adding a little pink around here to dress things up. You can learn more about how you can support the cause too from Pink for October. Thanks to Laura Whitehead for the head's up. Logo via Tammy Lister. UPDATE--Laura suggests that it would be great if you let us know if you went pink, too--just drop me a line in comments or... Read more →

Want to Get People to Pay Attention in a Meeting or Training Session? Bring in the Toys!

The other day I had to meet with 20+ high school seniors, so I decided it was time to go back to one of my tried and true meeting strategies--Toys. It was so successful (as it always is), I thought I'd share the idea. Bring on the Play-Doh! About 9 years ago I was doing a retreat with 30 people. This was for a nonprofit that provided manufacturing training and... Read more →