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Your $10 Can Send Champhearom to College & A Big Thank You to the Other Contributors

Last year Beth Kanter took three weeks to fulfill her goal of raising $1,000 to send Leng Sopharath, an orphan from Cambodia, to college. This year it took her 24 hours and 53 people each donating small amounts. You can read more about the full campaign at Beth's place.

The campaign was successful so quickly that Beth is keeping it open so that we can try to send a young man, Champhearom, to college too. So here's your chance to make a difference. Just click on the Chip-In widget above and you can donate $10 (or more) to the cause. That's about the cost of a few visits to Starbucks. Surely you can do THAT.

If you do, drop me a line and let me know and I'll acknowledge your contribution here with a link back to your blog. Let's see if we can send another young person to college.

Thank You to These Great People Who Have Already Contributed to Beth's Campaign:

Shirley Williams
Michael David Pick
Preetam Rai
Wiebke Herding
Peter Cranstone
Polly Thompson
Nicholas Booth
Fernanda Ibarra
Britt Bravo
Kelley-sue LeBlanc
Laura Whitehead
Allyson Lazar
Andrew Carothers
John Powers
Neesha Rahim
Anal Bhattacharya
Steve Bridger
Lloyd Davis
Donna Callejon
Chris Brogan
Joyce Bettencourt
Erin Vest
Philip C Campbell
Jane E Quigley
Steve Spalding
Amanda Mooney
Ann Miller
Donna Papacosta
Christopher Lester
Zena Weist
Connie Reece
Mary Reagan
michael dunn
Anne Boccio
S Michelle Wolverton
Israel Rosencrantz
Clint Smith
Stephen Keaveny
Scott Schablow
Justin Kownacki
Neha Yellurkar
Amie Gillingham
David Beaudouin
Edwin S Coyle III"
Liz Perry
Haystack in A Needle
Ian Wilker


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Thank you so much! Wondering if I got everyone who donated to ask a friend or post on their blog or a several folks?


Michelle and Beth...this is exactly the way the 'Age of Conversation' micro-fundraising worked...whammo...$10K in less than a month for Variety, the Children's Charity, all by bloggers paying it forward! I'll blog this phenom too and send it to our 2007 Women Leaders for the World and crew as it clearly pertains to the global mobilization for good in a heartbeat. (I would've kicked in earlier, but I'm so dang backlogged I missed your posts!)

Woohoo! Great job, ladies. Excellent work! An inspiration indeed!

P.S. Here's the Age of Conversation post on Shaping Youth that has all the prior posts embedded on how this phenom can work in a snap for kids & causes!

Extra donors please also give me a shout and I link to you.

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