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How Do You Faciliate Activities for a Large Audience?

Blogger and friend Christine Martell will be presenting next week at the VizThink conference where she'll have the (dubious) honor of facilitating a 30 minute visual activity with 300 participants. Over at the VisualsSpeak blog, Christine and business partner Tom Tiernan are wondering how you facilitate for a large audience, and more particularly: Are the group dynamics of a large audience different than small groups? How do you prepare for... Read more →

Thinking About Leadership

A couple of quick leadership links. . . Elisa Ortiz of the Nonprofit Congress was kind enough to invite me to do a guest post over at the Nonprofit Congress Blog. Here it is--Leading from the Inside Out. Elisa was one of the attendees at our retreat last month and I can tell you that she's awesome--energetic and passionate, exactly what we look for in a young leader. Speaking of... Read more →

We Have 24 Hours to Raise Additional Money for America's Giving Challenge

I'm on deadline for a report but wanted to share this email that just arrived in my inbox. Looks like we have an opportunity to bring in even more support for the Sharing Foundation through America's Giving Challenge: To add a little extra incentive (and excitement) to the final weeks of the Challenge, we're pleased to announce the following additional awards that will be available for the next five days,... Read more →

9 Lessons I Learned From Running My First Webinar

On Tuesday, I ran my first webinar--an hour-long session on time management. Not my topic of choice, but this was a long-time client so sometimes you do what you have to do. After the webinar experience I liveblogged a few months ago, the one thing I KNEW couldn't happen with this thing was death by Powerpoint. You might be able to get away with a bad PPT presentation if you're... Read more →

Want to Build a Better Blog?

Looks like another group is forming to go through the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog Challenge, thanks to Sue Waters. If you're up for 31 days of seriously intense learning, check out Sue's wiki with all the Challenge assignments. You might also want to join the Building a Better Blog community, where we've started a forum to share advice and provide support to this brave group of bloggers.... Read more →

The Social Media Helix and Learning

Note--I wrote this post on Sunday, right after I wrote my original social media spiral post. It further explains where I'm trying to go in regard to social media use and learning and thinking through how to help people use social media tools for their own professional development. After the post I just wrote on early adopters and the early majority, I think it may add more food for thought.... Read more →

The Social Media Spiral Revisited

On Sunday, I asked for feedback on the social media spiral I drew to represent my current thinking about how people transition from "old" media to new social media. This is a follow-up post to tease out some of the comments I received and integrate them further into my thinking. I will warn you that it's 6 a.m. and this is a little stream of consciousness. First, a few people... Read more →

The Social Media Spiral

One of the first things you learn as a trainer is that you have to anchor new knowledge in previous knowledge. That is, for people to understand new concepts and develop new skills, you have to start with what they already know. I've been doing some thinking about how to help staff make connections between new media and the older tools they already know how to use. In a long... Read more →

No Excuses Leadership

Katya Andresen has a GREAT post on operating your organization with no excuses. Apparently she recently did a presentation on tweaking your marketing messages, where she was told by her audience that her suggestions weren't possible because: 1. I don’t have the budget to do that. 2. I don’t have the staff to do that. 3. I don’t have the time to do that. 4. I don’t have the internal... Read more →

Thanks to You, We're Number 1!

As I write this, our Sharing Foundation fundraiser is now Number 1 on the America's Giving Challenge Leader board, with 328 donations totaling $8,850! This means that we're in a great position to get an additional $50,000 for the cause! This is incredibly exciting and I just want to thank everyone who has donated thus far. The Challenge doesn't end until January 31, so we still have a number of... Read more →