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Getting Productive in 2008 with Jott

This week I'm sharing some of the tools and tips I've been using in my ongoing quest to achieve productivity nirvana. One tool that I'm really enjoying using is Jott. Here's how it works. Sign up for your free account. You'll be prompted through getting your account and phone set up. Once you're signed up, use your cell phone to call the Jott toll free number. Leave a message for... Read more →

Getting Productive in 2008 with Email

If you've been following along this week, you know that I'm sharing some time management tips and tools that I've been trying out as part of my ongoing attempt to be more productive. Yesterday I talked about the Two Minute Rule. Today I'm going to talk about getting through email, which is without a doubt, one of the biggest time sucks for many people. Use Your Inbox as a Runway,... Read more →

Let's Celebrate Beth's 51st Birthday with Your $10 Contribution!

Friday is Beth Kanter's 51st birthday and the best way we can help her celebrate is with a $10 contribution to the Sharing Foundation through America's Giving Challenge. Remember, the top four causes will get $50,000 and I'm pleased to report that with your help, the Sharing Foundation is number three on the Leader Board! Now what we're looking to do is help Beth get 51 new donors to give... Read more →

Getting Productive in 2008: The Two Minute Rule

All this week I'm sharing some of the time management tips and tools I've been trying out, many of which are based on David Allen's Getting Things Done system. Today I'm going to talk about one of the parts of GTD to implement, The Two Minute Rule. Allen's premise is that part of what gets in the way of our productivity are all the little items that pile up in... Read more →

Getting Productive in 2008, Starting with GTD

It's the New Year and one of my resolutions is to try to get a better handle on my time. I'm also in the middle of planning for a time management webinar, so I guess I have productivity on the brain. This week I wanted to share some tools and tips I've been trying out as I suspect that I'm not alone in the desire to get more done in... Read more →

The Bamboo Project Readers' Guide to Getting Back Your Creative Mojo

Last week I asked for your help in getting back my creative mojo so that we could share your tips with others who suffer from the same periodic bouts of brain sludge--which is to say, all of us. As usual, you did NOT let me down, providing me with a veritable treasure trove of ideas that have been extremely helpful. I promised I'd share, so here's the Bamboo Project Readers'... Read more →

We Need Your Help to Move up on the America's Giving Challenge Leader Board!

As you know, we're helping the Sharing Foundation and Beth Kanter raise money through America's Giving Challenge, where the causes with the most unique individual donors will receive $50,000 in matching funds! As you can see, right now we're number 5 on the Leader Board--which is awesome--but we need to be in the top 4 to be in the running for the $50,000 so we need your help. Here's what... Read more →

Bloggers Who Build Community Award

I walk away from the feed reader for a few days and the next thing you know, Beth Kanter is giving me a "Bloggers Who Build Community" Award! Along with Amy Sample Ward and Beth Dunn, I'm honored by this, as this is one of my key blogging goals, so thank you Beth! With the honor comes some responsibility--to pass it along. So here are my three picks for Bloggers... Read more →