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Blogging For Learning: Another Challenge Opportunity

It's been about 6 months since I concluded my last crazy learning experiment, so I think it's about time for me to engage in another one. And as I did the last time, I'm inviting you to join with me in this.  Here's where I'm going. 

I'm interested in exploring how to use different blog posting formats as learning tools--basically how can you use things like list posts, instructional posts, rants, etc. to go through a learning project. I've set up a wiki called Blogging4Learning where I've described 20 different types of blog posts (most borrowed from Darren Rowse) and I've started collecting examples of each as they can be used for learning.

I also want to use each of these different types of posts do construct my own learning project, so over the course of the next month or so, I'm going to be trying out these different formats to learn about my subject. I've set up a separate blog for these posts so that I don't clog things up too much at Bamboo, but I'll be doing periodic updates here too as I go through the project. Here's where you come in.

First, I need your help in getting examples and related resources. Please check out the wiki and add any examples from your own blog of posts that fall into the different formats. One type, for example, is the "instructional blog post" where you teach someone how to do something. If you have a good example of how you've learned something by writing an instructional post, then please put a link to your post in that section as an example of learning using an instructional blog post format. I've also set up a public Tumblr account that you can use to add examples or related articles that you think might help in this process. If you're interested in adding to it, please let me know and I'll add you to the group so you can start posting.

The second way you can get involved is if you want to join me in this journey of using different blog posting formats to explore a particular topic area. I'm planning to use this structure to learn more about the issues of those people who are new to social media and what they need to help them start adopting social media tools to help in their lifelong learning and professional development process. This is something I've been thinking a lot about for the past few weeks, but I want to get more structured and thoughtful about my learning. I also want to model the process I go through in researching and learning about a topic that interests me and get feedback from all of you on ways I could better accomplish my tasks. If you want to use this kind of structure to pursue your own learning project, similar to what we did in the 31 Day Challenge, I'd love to have you join me, so please drop me a line to let me know if you want to play along.

I'd really love it if others want to join in, but I'm also prepared to go it alone. I'm trying to expand my learning horizons and practice what I preach in terms of lifelong learning and professional development. This should definitely be an interesting process . . .


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This sounds like something that would be way too overwhelming for me. However, I am very interested in learning about the different formats. I have experimented rather infrequently with these on my personal blogging to assess which attracted the most readers. My results are inconclusive due to not doing enough research. This is why I am quite interested in following your new 'project'. Can't commit though at the moment to participate ;)

I'll join in, although I can guarantee I won't be as thorough or thoughtful as you about the whole process!

I've been interested in exploring what nonprofit communicators can learn from the whole "storytelling" community, so that will be my topic. I'll try to use the various posting formats as I go along, but I'm not sure I can hit all 18 in a month. We'll see how it goes!

Clay Burell sometimes does 'Open Threads'(see I was wondering is this type of post is covered in one of the 20 types of blog posts you mention?

It appears that the link I put in my above comment isn't working. Here it is again:

Hi Michelle,

I started toying with blogging last year and I'm keen to really give it a go this year. I think this could be just the challenge I am looking for. Although I'm not sure I'll be able to string together more than one coherent post!

My main area of interest is using social networking tools in a corporate learning environment. I might need to think about this more as that's a pretty broad topic.

Danielle--I totally understand not wanting to make the time commitment--I'm personally wondering what I've gotten myself into!

Claire--thanks for the link--I didn't have that in the wiki and just added it as it's a great format to use for learning. It also reminded me that another type of collation post is the comment summary, which I've used pretty often here.

Kivi and Mick--thanks for being brave enough to join me on this. I'm going to TRY to do all different posting formats, but we'll see what happens. And Mick, if you need help refining your topic, let me know. That's a broad interest area of mine, too, so I'll be curious to see how it goes.

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