Blogging For Learning: Another Challenge Opportunity
Update on Blogging4Learning

Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants on Learning, Marketing, Fundraising, Etc.

Npcarnival_2 It's my turn this week to host the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants and I can say without a doubt this was the hardest week to pull together because there were so many posts to choose from. But here goes. . .

On Learning and Professional Development

On Marketing, Fundraising and Presentations

And from Sam Davidson of Cool People Care comes this reminder to take a break from technology and enjoy the gifts of the "real world," while Sherri Garrity of Make it Count has a nice post on 80/20 communications.

Thanks to everyone for your submissions this week! And remember, if you want to sign up for regular updates when the Carnival is posted, you can get the Carnival feed here.


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