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Blog Reader Appreciation Day April 16--Want to Play?

Robin Reagler is one of the most generous, kind-hearted people I know. So it was no surprise to me that she wants to do a Blog Reader Appreciation Day on April 16. In the U.S., it's the perfect antidote to Tax Day on April 15, a day most of us dread. Around the rest of the world, it's just a great thing to do. So if you're a blogger, I... Read more →

Google Notebook: The Lazy Way to Blog

Yesterday I was trying to catch up with my feeds and I came across a great post from Janet Clarey--Do You Have a Learning Strategy for the Recession? This led me to think about recession-proofing your career, which led me on a hunt for some articles to post here. Normally, what I would do is have one tab open to my blog post composition window and another for my search.... Read more →

More on Workplace Learning 1.0

In response to my musings this week on why educators seem to have more readily embraced Web 2.0 for learning, Manish Mohan has written an excellent post. You should read the entire thing, but in a nutshell: "In the field of education, the onus of learning is on the learner. In workplace, the onus of training is on the organization and training department. If I don’t learn in university, it... Read more →

25 (Free) Tools for Professional Development and Productivity

I've been writing this week about Jane Hart's analysis of the technology tools being used by workplace learning professionals vs. those being used by educators, trying to identify why educators seem to be making greater use of social media. One issue may be that workplace learning professionals are not as familiar with social media tools in learning. Fortunately, Jane has created an excellent resource to address this--her 25 Tools Professional... Read more →

Tips for Running a Team Blog

A few weeks ago Manish Mohan commented on my post about being a digital curator that this was a role he was fulfilling in his own organization after starting a team blog, eCube. After a few emails with Manish, I asked if he'd be willing to write a guest post on the experiences he's been having using a blog with his team. Happily, he obliged with a journal of his... Read more →

More Thoughts on Why Workplace Learning Is Largely Learning 1.0

A few days ago, I posted on Jane Hart's latest list of 100 Tools for Professional Development, picking up on Jane's point that it seems that there's a tool divide between workplace learning professionals and educators. According to Jane's survey, while corporate e-learning staff may use social media for personal learning, when it comes to designing learning for their organizations, they're primarily using authoring and presentation tools--more "Learning 1.0" types... Read more →

Jane Hart's Top 100 Tools for Learning: Looks Like Workplace Learning is Still Web 1.0

Jane Hart of the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies has posted her Spring 2008 Top 100 Tools for Learning, a compilation of the top 10 tools identified by 155 elearning professionals. A complete analysis is here. Delicious now tops the list, knocking Firefox to number 2, but what's really interesting to me about this quarter's version is Jane's observation about who is using which kinds of tools: A wide... Read more →

The Stages of Personal Learning Networks

I'm out the door, but wanted to share this. Jeff Utecht has come up with a nice graphic depicting the stages of developing a personal learning network (PLN) that I think captures the different phases of using social media for learning. You can see the graphic here. (I'd share, but his Flickr license is All Rights Reserved.) Jeff's stages are: "Stage 1 Immersion: Immerse yourself into networks. Create any and... Read more →

Convert Your Paper to i-Paper for Free!

Last week during the Using Free Tools to Create an Online Portfolio webinar, we talked about strategies for embedding document files into web pages and one of the options I shared was Scribd. Through its i-Paper interface, it allows you to embed a scrollable picture of your document, somewhat like what you see with a Slideshare slidecast, but it works for Word, PDF files, etc. You can see an example... Read more →

In Which I'm (Almost) Convinced of the Value of Twitter

I've been trying Twitter off and on for months now and just couldn't get excited about it. I hear all these great things, but somehow it just wasn't connecting for me, which is a little unusual since I tend to take pretty quickly to new technologies. So when Jeff Nugent from the Virginia Commonwealth University Center for Teaching Excellence emailed me about what he, Britt Watwood and Bud Deihl were... Read more →