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Comment Challenge Day 17: Five in Five

Comment Challenge Day 16: Go Back and Catch Up on Something

Comment_challenge_logo We're here at a little over the halfway point in our 31 Day Comment Challenge and from what I can see, a lot of you are feeling a little behind. Worse, you're totally stressing about it, too! Don't put so much pressure on yourselves, people--this should be fun!

Today's challenge should make the perfectionists feel a little better. Your task is to go back through the previous 15 days, find an activity you didn't do yet, and go do it. That's all. Very simple. If you blog about it, remember to tag your post with "comment08."

If you're an overachiever who's managed to keep up with every day's activity, then consider today a day of rest. We're heading into the second half of the Challenge, so now may be a good time to take a little break.


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It's a smart idea to give a breather. I may not get back to Comment Challenge until the weekend's end, given what is ahead.
But I continue to love the engagement.

Yes, I could definitely feel the stress level rising, so taking a break right now seemed like a good idea. It's one of the reasons I think it's a good idea to "build the plane while you're flying it" on a challenge like this. It lets us be more responsive to how people are feeling and what they're discussing. Hope your weekend goes well, Kevin!

Thank you for the break!
I'm coming from some wonderful reading right now, and, as ofter happened during this first two weeks, I have no more strength to answer, I just stop at the last comment of an inspiring conversation and give up.
I wonder if, in the end, we could get a sort of Map of all the Challenge cross conversations, so we may track them back and better assimilate them or even restart comments, thus reactivating the thread of the reasoning; may be we could see, in a sort of "index", the different subjects developed in different blogs and how they relate to each other.
Meanwhile, it feels good to be lost in this warm labyrinth of conversations.
Thank you for your great post on Digital Literacy!
Ines Pinto

Perfect timing Michele,
Selfishly this challenge came at the right time for me and I can't believe how focused I've been and how much thinking I'm doing about this subject.
I'm wondering if my technorati tag is showing up with you?

G'day Michele!

Comment Challenge Day 16 task is a brainwave – a stroke of genius! For just as I was about review why I continued to work on this challenge you gave (us) a much needed break from the Simon Says (it appears to be a bit like that – only joking!)

But the truth is we are halfway through the challenge. Isn’t that wonderful?

I for one would not have believed that I’d have got this far when I first read your Day 1 Task. I didn’t even give a thought to participating till after Day 2.


So there y’go. If ever there was an award for hooking in a recalcitrant, belligerent, Middle-earth would-be-blogger-cum-commenter you should have it.

Ka kite ano
Spot ya

Sigh! Just what I needed Michele. Though it hasn't stopped me trawling around the blogs .. it's still yesterday somewhere!

Had a bit of a run in with coComment today. It doesn't like me (a bit the way Ning took an objection to me last year!). Anyhow, all fixed now and away we go.

Hope all's well with you.

Thanks Michele,
I wonder why it isn't happening. I checked my own account and my posts are all there. What seems to happen for me is when something isn't working here, I am obsessed about getting right and wanting to know why. I don't think I ever cared so much about that process before.
Anyway, thanks for getting back to me so fast. Seems like you are VERY busy. Thanks for getting this challenge out here with such great prompts.

Well it looks like this activity was most definitely a hit! :-)

@Ines--I'm glad you're so immersed in conversation right now. It was definitely one of the goals of the challenge and I agree that it can be wonderful. I like your idea of doing some kind of map. We need to check in with Sue on that one. It sounds right up her alley!

@Bonnie--your posts weren't showing up in Technorati (which frankly is a big annoying pain right now), but I've found your blog and have added it to my reader.

@Ken--you're certainly good for my ego. Who wouldn't love to have a "stroke of genius." :-) I am glad that we've managed to hook you in through the challenge. The first one we did last year got a lot of people hooked on blogging, too, so it seems like this format is an excellent way to engage people.

@Kate--I just remembered how we all felt last August with the other challenge and how I basically made up a few "break days" for myself by not doing an activity. Thought it would be better since we were structuring it to just put it in this time. And I hear you on coComment. I actually ended up disabling it because it was slowing things down for me so much. Don't know if it's my ancient laptop or what, but it wasn't working too well for me.

I guess I'm lucky: CoComment continues to work like a charm both here at home and at school. It's tracking things nicely.

I wish about CoComments! I alternated the Firefox extension and the bookmartlet to get things moving. Right now I'm back on the extension, but even so the loading is slow and I find myself hitting the 'cancel and submit to blog' option rather than sit and wait and wait.

I had to turn off the CoComments enhancer plugin in Wordpress as it would not permit Seesmic to operate.

We're blazing trails out here, people! :-)

... and then I didn't get the previous comment tagged. Sigh ...

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