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Comment Challenge Day 17: Five in Five

Comment_challenge_logo You should be nice and relaxed after yesterday, so today we're going to do something fun. Sue Waters pointed me to a cool little activity on Tony Tallent's blog called "Five in Five." The idea is challenge yourself to do 5 comments in 5 minutes, although no scrimping on quality by doing something easy like "I like this post" on five different blogs. This is harder than it sounds because if you're going to read 5 posts and leave reasonably thoughtful comments on each, it will probably take you longer than 5 minutes (Tony ended up taking 28 minutes to comment on 8 posts). The premise is fun, though.

Once you've done it, be sure to blog about what happened and to tag your post with "comment08"


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I'm not sure I agree with this concept. I like the idea of pushing yourself to engage, but not just somewhat spamming out comments.

Well, I definitely don't think people should spam out comments with this, Tony. I tried to suggest that people shouldn't do that by saying that they shouldn't scrimp on quality. I also think that if you check out Tony's original idea, he ended up not being able to do 5 in 5 because he was still trying to maintain quality. The engagement is definitely the important thing--if you can do it succinctly and quickly, that's the challenging part.

Michele, I'm having 50c each way on this one. I agree with Tony that superficial comment 'hits' would constitute spam ... I'm feeling a bit the same way about the current fad to get as many followers as possible on Twitter ...why? On the other hand, the challenge to leave something meaningful is one I can't resist. Keep it focussed, simple (not simplistic) and if possible, make it generative. It's also going to take longer than 5 minutes ... that I know before I begin.
PS You're tagged as #1!

The reason why I liked the idea is I spend too long writing comments so I was interested to see how having a time limit could make me more effective. Like Kate says I knew 5 in 5 minutes wasn't achievable but still 28 minutes by Tony for 8 comments was really good -- I know I definitely take longer than this.

Hello! The "5 in 5" challenge inspired by the 31 Day Challenge is all about challenging the mind and keyboarding fingers to engage and let go of need to over-think, over-wonder, over-do our comments. In no way do I suggest creating spam-like comments in this challenge. What I am suggesting is fueling our minds and fingers to let our thoughts out quickly and acutely. I was not able to create 5 quality commments in 5 minutes myself. Challenging myself to do this helped me realize what I was capable of doing in 5 minutes (or 28 minutes). This small idea also brought me to the thought of what other types of communications and actions I can bring about in a short span of time when I am very focused. 5 minutes is an ideal, not a rule.
Here's to being quick and ernest.

Hi Tony--thanks for elaborating on the idea behind 5 in 5. I agree that having a focus can be very helpful--gets you to the point. I also agree that it's virtually impossible to do! :-)

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