Comment Challenge Day 17: Five in Five
Reflections on the Comment Challenge at MidPoint

Comment Challenge Day 18: Analyze the Comments on Your Own Blog

Comment_challenge_logo Today's activity is from Christy Tucker.In this task, you will conduct another self-audit on your blog. This time, the focus is on which posts generate conversations. If you can determine what made those past posts good conversation starters, maybe you can incorporate those features into future posts.

  • Which of your posts have generated the most comments?
  • Which has generated the best conversation? (The last question is about quantity; this one is about quality.)
  • Are there any patterns to the commenting on your own blog? Do certain types of posts generate more comments than others?
  • If you do see a pattern or commonality between posts that generate good comments, what can you do to increase those qualities in other posts?

After you write your post, be sure to tag it with "comment08."


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Hi Michele

(This is a test comment

I am sending this comment from my work place as a test to see if we can throw some light on why I can't comment on your blog from home. It will not register on coComment.

Ken Allan
TCS, Wgtn, NZ

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