Comment Challenge Day Nine: Should We Be Commenting on Blogs?
Comment Challenge Day 11: Write a Blog Comment Policy

Comment Challenge Day 10: Do a Comment Audit on Your Own Blog

Comment_challenge_logo So far in the challenge, we've been focusing on making comments. But most of us are also bloggers and we need to consider what we're doing to invite conversations on our own blogs. Are we doing all that we can to build a sense of community that invites people to leave us comments?

For today's task, review this post on 6 Reasons People Aren't Commenting on Your Blog. Then audit your blog to see if you're falling into any of these traps. If you're feeling particularly brave, ask a fellow blogger or even your readers to give you feedback on how well you're doing at making people feel welcome to leave comments on your blog. Then reflect on what you've learned and try to address any of the issues you identify. Be sure to tag your post with "comment08."


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