31 Day Comment Challenge Begins--Day One: Do a Comment Self Audit
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Comment Challenge Day 2: Comment on a New Blog

Comment_challenge_logo_2 Here we are at Day Two of the Comment Challenge. Yesterday we did an audit of our commenting habits. Today we're going to start commenting.

Many of us can get into the habit of commenting at the same blogs. But part of extending the conversation is bringing new people into it. Today's task is simple. Leave a comment on a blog where you've never commented before. If you're feeling particularly ambitious, do this at a few blogs. You may want to blog about the experience on your own blog. If you do, be sure to tag it with "comment08." Pretty simple, huh? We promised it wouldn't be TOO hard. . .


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This is great. Although I'm experiencing a very clunky start with CoComment, and I'm self conscious about my blog, let alone my comments, I'll look at this as more of a training and conditioning exercise rather than a prize competition. This is also a very nice, low impact way of working the homophily out of our system, don't you think?

Yes, Tom--definitely a great way for us to work on homophily. At least that's part of my goal in setting up the challenge activities. We'll see what happens. :-)

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