Introducing Web 2.0 Wednesday
Early Adoption is Hard When You Absolutely Count on Something

Web 2.0 Wednesday: Web 2.0 in One Minute

Back in the day (not MY day, mind you, but "the day" of other people I know), Ken Blanchard's One Minute Manager was a hot book. Leaving aside the idea of being able to actually distill management into 60 seconds and how advisable that may be, I do kind of like the idea of "1-minute" activities because so many people use "lack of time" as their excuse for not doing something. If it's something that could be done in one minute, then maybe they'd give it a try. So with that in mind, here's the first Web 2.0 Wednesday activity:

Come up with a one-minute presentation that will show someone how to use a Web 2.0 technology or some aspect of the technology OR that explains a Web 2.0 technology and how it works OR that persuades people to use your favorite Web 2.0 technology.

It could be a 1-minute method for signing up for a feed or a 1-minute technique for finding new blogs or commenting on a page in a wiki. It could be 60 seconds on the glories of RSS or why you can't live without Twitter or how podcasts have changed your life. It's up to you.

HOW you do this is up to you, too.

  • You can write about it.
  • You could record a screencast (try Jing if you need some screencasting software).
  • Record a 1-minute audio.
  • Record a 1-minute video.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation and upload it to Slideshare. You could even combine audio and PPT and turn it into a slidecast.

Or find some other way to present your Web 2.0 in a Minute idea. When you post it, be sure to save it to with the "web2.0wednesday" tag. You can also feel free to leave a link to it in comments here.

Let's see what you can come up with. This could create a great library of resources for others to use, too.

UPDATE:--To get you started with a few examples--Bud Deihl has a great example of Web 2.0 in a Minute using Jott, while Kevin has  created a comic explaining Web 2.0. Also, check out Carla Arena's great video!


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Hi Michelle

Here is a comic that I created to answer your question.

I'll prob load it up on my blog, too.


1 minute, really! Ok here's my recommendation and actual example (of course for Jott)

Can't wait to jump into this challenge. I'm in a tech/literacy meeting at the moment, but I can't wait to get home and play with this.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, Bonnie!

I stumbled upon your blog through lwcers trying out diigo, so that's what I did. I love your idea of 1 minute - guilt pangs for the unachieved not allowed.
I'm looking forward to more here!

Hi, Michele. Just a great idea, as always. In fact, I had lots of fun playing with it. The good thing is that we can use it later on in training sessions. Fantastic!
Here's my contribution to the group
Web2.0 in 64 Seconds.

Can't wait to see what others are up to!

@Illya, great to see you around! I'm glad you stumpled upon this. Probably because I posted the link to our LearningwithComputers group in Diigo?

I trawled back over some slides in a presentation I gave to colleagues last September. I was going to dust them down, add a sound track and send them up to this first W2W 'mini-challenge' Web 2.0 in a minute. And then I found an image that I thought summed up the gist of my presentation last year which was about using tools for purposeful play. It's much less than a minute, but like any image is probably worth a few thousand words and some mulling on.

Anyway, you can find it at
or on my blog (with some contextualising words).

Looking forward to this Michele!

Kia ora Michele!

Here's my Web 2.0 tip (58 seconds).

Ka kite
from Middle-earth

I found this blog through diigo and so that's how I tried to respond. Since I'm not sure everyone who comes to this blog can read my comment, I'll post it one more time here as a comment:
Being able to highlight and leave messages on a blog like this can faciliate sharing and decrease the amount of searching one must do. A very good reason to use web 2.0!

Here's mine:

Just to tempting not to join you.
Here is my contribution. I prepared a short power point presentation


The PowerPoint is great, Jen--you might want to upload to Slideshare, too, to make it easier for other people to see it, as I know some schools don't allow downloads.

I´m really glad you liked it!! I created it while I was in bed struggling with a terrible cold.
The PPT is already available in my blog and slideshare.

Thanks for the great advice!!

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