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A few things that have popped up recently that have me excited to explore further: KeyHubs for Mapping Informal Networks Via a Delicious save from Beth Kanter, I found this article on mapping networks--an interesting read in itself. It led me to Keyhubs, which lets you map the informal networks that lie behind your formal org chart. The case studies show some interesting examples. It appears to evaluate networks based... Read more →

Some Resources for Accessible Learning

In using social media tools for learning (or anything else), one thing I think we often forget is the issue of accessibility. And by that, I don't mean in terms of issues like having access to a computer or broadband, although those are issues as well. Currently I'm working with two different clients who work with individuals with disabilities and one of the things we're grappling with is how accessible... Read more →

The past few months for me have been a sort of hodgepodge of deadlines and projects and weird personal things like realizing that my younger daughter is going to college next year (COLLEGE! My baby!) and that she doesn't need her mother so much anymore. Compounding the situation,we've had lots of rain and cloudy, cool days and my heart is crying out for 85 degrees and sunny so I can... Read more →

Your Guide to Job Search and Personal Branding on Twitter

Twitter--the 140 character social networking site--is becoming increasingly useful for job seekers. It doesn't work for everyone, of course, but it can certainly turbo-charge your networking, a key strategy for successful job hunting. It can also be an effective part of your personal branding campaign. Here, then, is a (somewhat) definitive link guide to getting a new job (or losing your current one) through Tweeting. (I put this together for... Read more →

Reflections on an Open Space Conference

Last week I ran an Open Space conference for 50 service providers who work on connecting individuals with disabilities to employment. For the uninitiated, Open Space is a format that encourages dialogue and problem-solving around key topics, rather than pre-set presentations. Just wanted to capture a few thoughts/reflections while they're fresh: I worked with a team of about 8 people to put the conference together. We did it entirely through... Read more →

Some Stuff

OMG (as my daughters would say), am I in the week from Hell! Running a Youth Leadership Academy, doing a State strategic plan for how they'll use the stimulus money coming from the Feds and then running an Open Space Forum for practitioners working with individuals with disabilities on issues related to disabilities and employment. And that's THIS week! At any rate, a few things floating around that I'd like... Read more →

On Directed and Flow Learning Goals

Tony Karrer has an interesting post on the issue of learning goals. He's noticed that there seem to be two types of goals: Directed Learning Goals – specific focus Flow Learning Goals – nonspecific, exploratory He goes on to argue that 1) people tend to fall into one of these two camps in terms of how they approach their own learning and 2) formal learning seems to more effectively support... Read more →