Made to Stick Part Three: Sticky Ideas are Unexpected

Quick--which chair do you notice in this photo? Odds are, it's the red chair. But why does it stand out? Because in a sea of gray chairs, all the same size and shape, the larger red chair is unexpected. It violates the pattern set by the other chairs and our brain immediately notes that there's something different in the photo. Our brains are wired to notice novelty, to take note... Read more →

Made to Stick Part Two: To Make it Stick, Keep It Simple

Think about the last time you were reading e-mail and talking to your partner at the same time. If you're honest, you'll recognize that you were really only paying attention to either reading your e-mail or talking to your partner. The other activity was happening on auto pilot. Our brains simply can't apply full attention to more than one idea or activity at a time. That's why Chip and Dan... Read more →