In my work, I meet a lot of ambitious people who feel stuck in their current jobs. As organizations downsize, "rightsize" and flatten out, the opportunities to stretch and grow within an organization have become more limited. And many organizations are in survival mode, just trying to hold on, which doesn't create a lot of space for the kind of positive, intentional growth that these people are craving. Being stuck... Read more →

Making Space for the Future

In a few minutes, I'll be heading out the door to spend a day with other creative business owners, talking about what we want for our businesses in 2016. Because I'm self-employed, I have to intentionally make the space in my business life to do some reflection and planning even though in the next few weeks, I have several pieces of business I need to complete. I treasure this time... Read more →

Two Simple Tips That Will Make EVERY Meeting Meaningful

Meetings are an inevitable part of our professional and personal lives. If you're lucky, you are attending or running meetings that are structured to be positive and productive, but my experience tells me that not many people are that lucky. Still, there are two simple things you can do in every meeting that will help you grow, regardless of the quality of the meeting. They are easy to incorporate and... Read more →

Forget the 5 Year Plan: Create Your Career 30 Days at a Time

In today's uncertain economy, a 5-year career plan or even a 1-year plan doesn't make a lot of sense. Too much changes too quickly and we always feel like we're scrambling. A better way to plan is in 30-day increments, figuring out where you need to put your focus each month and iterating your way to career success. Read more →