Are You Managing Your Job Instead of Managing Your Career?

A big mistake a lot of us make in our work is to confuse our careers with the jobs we have right now. This is a problem because we end up confusing job management with career management. And believe me, there's a difference. Job Management When you are managing your job, you focus on: Accomplishing current tasks and responsibilities Attending company/organization-sponsored training Networking on behalf of your company Doing things... Read more →

One of the problems we humans can have with setting and reaching our goals is that when we set them, we are thinking of the person we are right now, rather than the person we will become when we meet those goals. We haven't connected with that future version of ourselves. For most of us, our future selves are like other people--people whose motivations, emotions, etc. we understand imperfectly. In... Read more →

To thrive, we focus not on trying to be happy all the time, but on becoming resilient in our lives. Here's my Resilience Manifesto. It's a work in progress. Know your personal vision and formula for thriving--how does your life look and feel when you are focused on thriving? What does it take to get there? Act from inspiration, not desperation. Get curious about your life. Ask more questions and... Read more →

Your Sparks in Your Career

Yesterday I wrote about the power of finding your sparks--those talents, skills, gifts, qualities, interests or commitments to something larger than yourself that make you feel most alive, joyful and filled with purpose. Today, I want to talk a little bit more about your sparks and how they do (or don't) connect to your career. Here's the thing. . . In an ideal world, you would be paid to express... Read more →

From Surviving to Thriving: How to Fall In Love With Your Life

A few weeks ago I ran across the late Peter Benson's TEDTalk on how youth thrive. Long-time readers of this blog know that this is my goal here--to find ways that we can move from surviving to thriving and that the 4 patterns of career resilience are all about creating a thriving career and life. What Benson found through his research with young people is that the foundation of thriving... Read more →

Three Lessons on Your Career From Some Fledgling Entrepreneurs

Yesterday was the first day of my Speedy Startup--a 12-week program I've been running in Bucks County, PA to help people who are unemployed start up their own businesses. We are super-focused on action and learning from doing, so they don't write a "business plan." Instead they set up a bunch of experiments and start testing the hell out of their ideas--seeing what works and what doesn't and pivoting when... Read more →

My husband and I have become obsessed with Naked and Afraid. In case you've missed it, it is the ultimate survival show. A man and a woman are dropped into a jungle somewhere with only one tool each--a knife, a fire starter, a length of rope--it's their choice. They have no food, no water and no clothes. The goal of the show is that the pair must survive for 21... Read more →

A few weeks ago I launched two online courses on using expressive writing--one to recover from a toxic workplace and the other on recovering from unemployment. The more popular course by far has been the course on recovering from toxic work. I have to say that this makes me a little sad, but also that I'm not surprised. Most of the people I know who are struggling with their careers... Read more →

How to Jumpstart Your Stuck Career

What happens when you feel like you're stuck in a career rut? How do you get moving in a different direction? I think we make things more complicated than they need to be. Here are three steps you can take. 1. Admit that there's a problem. The first step is to recognize and accept the reality of your situation. As I've written before, one of the most important things you... Read more →